• (1) 550 Motor for Power Wheels

Motors typically ship within one business day. Price is for (1) 550 motor. Comes with soldered silicone wires and bullet crimp connectors for an easy install.

Same size as factory motor, swaps directly just match the factory motor pinion (chart below). 115% faster than the factory motor but has about the same power. But, both the factory 550 motor and this replacement 550 motor are about half as powerful as 775 motor size and run much hotter which makes them more prone to failure so whenever possible 775 motors are strongly recommended.

The optional reusable 7/16" wheel retainers replace the factory one time use "push nut" wheel retainers that hold the wheels on. Please note the Power Wheels Hurricane, Dune Racer and F150 have a 3/4" axle and already come from the factory with a reusable wheel retainer.

Maximum recommended voltage is 18v without an ESC or 24v with an ESC. Never use in mud, sand or snow. Usage at 24v without an ESC will increase the failure rate of any motor and is not recommended. Usage at 36v even with an ESC will typically result in motor failure and is not recommended. 

Adding rear rubber traction to control wheel spin on startup is a very common mistake which puts a tremendous strain on the motors and gearboxes and is not recommended. An Easy ESC which has an adjustable start up acceleration rate is the recommended solution to control start up wheel spin without damaging the gearboxes or motors. 

**These are the most common Power Wheels model and pinion pairings but please always check your gearboxes before ordering** Ultimately the 775 pinion should be paired according to the stamp on the gearbox that denotes if the gearbox came with a 15-16-17, 18-19-20 or 21-22-23 pinion from the factory.

Power Wheels Model

Factory Motor PinionAftermarket Pinion 
F-150, Jeep Hurricane, Dune Racer, Stinger, Escalade, Arctic Cat, 
Beach Ranger Jeeps, Silverados, Power Wheels Grave Diggers, Eliminators, Brute Force
15,16,or 17T
KFX, Jeep Wrangler and Mustang
18,19,or 20T
C7 Corvettes, Mustangs & Harley Motorcycles
21,22,or 23T

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(1) 550 Motor for Power Wheels

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