Hall effect throttles. These throttles are used with a ESC motor controller to control the speed of a motor. They cannot control the speed of a motor without a motor controller.

Metal pedal, twist and pull throttles are 1-4v
Plastic pedal is 0-5v   **This 0-5v pedal is not compatible with any of our ESCs which require a 1-4v**

Pull throttle:
17mm x 32mm x 131mm
Pull cable is 1.5mm thick, 168mm long, cable travel is 20mm.
M4 mounting holes.
Electrical cable is 34" long.

Throttles and controllers do not have a standard wire order! Make sure the controller and throttle wires match!
Black-black, red-red, white-blue (final pair color can vary)

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ESC Throttle

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