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"EASY ESC" 12 to 24 Volt Upgrade Kit
for Power Wheels, Peg Perego & Kid Trax

Doubles Speed & Power
Re-uses factory controls for a clean and easy install
Plug and Play - installs in less than 30 minutes
Allows adjustment of acceleration rate and speed (from mild to wild)
Re-uses factory motors and gearboxes
Optional remote brake stops car

You will also need (two) 12v batteries and a 24v charger

When changing from 12v to 24v the two biggest issues that arise are motor & gearbox stress and tire traction. This "Easy ESC" kit was designed specifically to address these issues like nothing else on the market. Other ESCs with a variable throttle can overload the motors and gearboxes which can cause them to fail while also reducing wheel traction with too much speed when first launching which causes the car to spin out and not move. 

This kit allows you to set the acceleration rate to maintain wheel traction so the car actually moves forward while reducing motor and gearbox stress which is a critical feature for this application. Other ESCs with a variable throttle can cause motors to fail over and over and you will have no control over how hard the car launches and how hard the parts are stressed.

If the kit does not work as advertised, return it for a full refund

Will also work with other (non-circuit board) cars - contact us for compatibility questions. There is a separate listing for the Easy ESC kit for "Best Choice" cars** Not compatible with cars with circuit boards such as Power Wheels "Smart Drive Mustang"/"Wild Thing"/"Boomerang" or Bravo Sports "Monster Jam 24v Grave Digger" or Peg Perego "Sportsman 800/850 Twin"/"Ranger RZR" (900 RZR is ok)/"Gaucho Super. **Not recommended to be used with the Power Wheels "KFX Quad" since the small factory circuit board used for high/low can be damaged. This OEM part is available for purchase or ideally should be replaced with a DPDT rocker switch.** 


This is an easy-to-install 12 to 24 volt upgrade module that piggybacks on the factory wiring and adds the ability to use a 12v or 18v-24v battery source (24 volts will double the speed of 12 volt cars). There are two adjustment knobs to set the top speed and acceleration rate that will drastically improve the cars performance and speed, keep motors cooler, with less gearbox strain and improved rider comfort. The factory controls remain the same (on/off pedal throttle, high/low/half-speed reverse) and the factory motors and gearboxes can be reused.


  • Jerky on/off throttle constantly gives riders whiplash
  • Instant-on power over heat the motors and spins wheels which loudly grinds them down and destroys them over time and makes the car slower (cause spinnin' aint winnin')
  • Top speeds which might be too fast for some riders and/or environments
  • A hard brake which locks up the wheels and loudly destroys the wheels over time
  • No remote brake control to stop the car

The instant-on power is the #1 problem with these cars and should always be the first problem to be fixed regardless of the battery voltage or other mods. 


The "Easy ESC" module has two turn dials which adjust the top speed (0-100% of battery power) and acceleration rate (1-5 seconds). This may be a one time adjustment or it can be changed constantly. Good settings will completely eliminate startup whiplash and wheel spin, increase launch speed and overall make the experience much smoother and more enjoyable. The optional remote brake switch will activate the brake and sound a constant tone letting the rider know why the car has stopped.

"Easy ESC"



Fail Safe
NO. If the ESC fails the motors will receive full power until the battery is disconnected! The significance of this cannot be overstated
Plug-and-play 30 minute install. Non-destructive install plugs into factory parts and can be easily and cleanly uninstalled later to move the parts to another project
Overhaul that requires removing factory parts, cutting, drilling, mounting parts, etc
Top Speed and Acceleration Limits
YES - two turn dials for easy on-the-fly adjustments. This puts the control in your hands. Launching too hard or going too fast? Suddenly switching to an inexperienced rider? Want to reduce motor demand or crank it up to show off? Adjust the dials and get it working exactly the way you want. The advantage of this control cannot be overstated
NO - driver has complete control
Remote stop
Optional remote brake allows the car to be stopped remotely
Optional remote brake allows the car to be stopped remotely
Battery Drain
No. On-demand power draw, cannot be left on. This can prevent permanent battery damage which can cost $50-100 to replace
Yes if left on
Maximum Power
45 amps / 1,100 watts
30 amps / 700 watts
This results in slower top speeds and less hill climbing ability
55 amps / 1,300 watts
Variable Throttle
No. Push the pedal and the car revs up to set top speed at set acceleration rate. Release the pedal and the softened brake is automatically activated
No Changes. Re-uses factory pedal and shifter (H-L-R) for a clean and easy install
New controls. Bulky pedals can cramp riders and make controlling the car harder
New controls that need to be mounted, cutting and drilling is sometimes required
Automatic soft brake after releasing throttle pedal
Separate Pedal
Separate Pedal (allows coasting)
EASY Plug and Play install, quickly and easily fixes the significant factory problems. The performance adjustment knobs put YOU in control. Once you experience the ability to fine tune the performance you will never want to go back
Excellent driver control. Instant throttle response, separate brake pedal, high power throughput which "other" ESCs cannot reach.
Less driver control (on/off)
 Abuse of controls can cause part failures (motor and gearboxes). No fail safe makes this setup dangerous. Period.
Abuse of controls can cause part failures (motor and gearboxes)
Intended for
Advanced drivers & installers
Bottom Line
Easy to install. Importance of adjustment knobs cannot be overstated which allow you to dial in exactly how hard or soft the car launches and how fast it goes so you can dial in the best balance of performance and stability. A well adjusted car will start without wheel spin and motor and gearbox strain will be greatly reduced. If at anytime you want to increase the performance just turn up the dials.
No fail safe makes this setup dangerous. Period.
High performance and robust driver control take priority


24v Module (6x5x2”)
Speed and Acceleration Adjustment Knobs
Terminated Battery and Motor Hookup Wire (ready for hookup)
Resettable 40a Circuit Breaker
3-Prong Charge Port
Mounting Screws
(Optional) Remote Brake Switch
(Optional) 24v Charger



The most common battery capacity is 12AH (amp hour) which typically provides about 30 minutes of run time (this can vary widely based on usage). For more run time 18AH typically provides about 45 minutes of run time and 22AH provide about 60 minutes. Make sure you have room for the batteries! 12AH batteries are 6x4x4” each and weigh 9 pounds each. 18AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each and weigh 12 pounds each. 22AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each and weigh 15 pounds each.


The first gear is the the least likely gear to fail in the gearbox, by far, so the stock gearboxes are the best option to use. If possible open the Power Wheels gearboxes and make sure there is factory grease spread around the gear posts which will extend their lifespan.

In most cases with average usage, gear breakage is rare and the larger gears are more likely to break than the smallest gear, by far. If you do break gears factory replacements are widely available for relatively inexpensive prices (about $6 each). In our experience the most common reason for broken gears is significant changes in momentum while in motion such as a sudden significant changes in terrain, significant ruts or bumps, overloading or adding rear rubber traction which is never recommended. Smooth even terrain is the least demanding on the gears. If rough terrain is not avoidable then turn down the top speed to reduce gearbox stress.

The PW factory motors (550 size) are OK to use in most cases with the acceleration rate set at 3+ seconds. 775 motor size run much cooler than the factory 550s at 24v (and have much more torque) but as long as the factory motors do not see more than average usage with a 3+ second acceleration rate they likely will not overheat but this will vary from case to case. With only a couple exceptions Power Wheels is the only type that can accept the larger 775 motor size.


Determine where the parts will go. The module is 6x5x2” and should be stored in a dry area such as under the seat. The battery size depends on the capacity you choose. The most common capacity is 12AH (the factory Power Wheels battery has 9.5AH capacity) but for more run time you could choose 18AH or 22AH. 12AH batteries are 6x4x4” each, weigh 9 pounds each and last 30 minutes or longer depending on usage. 18AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each, weigh 12 pounds each and last 45 minutes or longer depending on usage. 22AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each, weigh 15 pounds each and last 60 minutes or longer depending on usage. If you source your own batteries please note the type of battery should be SLA (sealed lead acid) not a wet/serviceable (lawn mower, etc) battery which can leak acid.

Power Wheels INSTALL OVERVIEW: (see diagrams above for other makes)

Installation typically takes 30 minutes or less. The only required tool is a phillips driver. Recommended tools are a drill (11mm or 7/16" for the resettable breaker, 16mm or 5/8" for the charge port), crimper/stripper to custom cut and crimp the 4 install wires (but leaving the wires as they ship and coiling any loose wire is OK), long phillips driver and a flat head driver to help car disassembly. The steps in short are: disconnect the battery, mount the module in a dry protected area and leave the screw terminals accessible. Disassemble the factory pedal assembly to expose the harness below the pedal and disconnect it from the pedal. Run the heavy red and orange wires from the module to the pedal and connect them to the harness and match the wire colors. Zip tie these module wires to the factory wires close to where they connect to keep the union intact. Run the light gauge red and black wires to the pedal and connect them to the middle terminal and the terminal furthest from the middle terminal (this is critical, if the center and closer terminal are used the car will be turned on when the pedal is not pressed). Drill a hole for the charge port (11mm or 7/16"), remove the charge port nut, insert the charge port wires through the hole, slide the nut around the wires and tighten the nut. Then insert the terminals into the attached terminal housing but be careful to match the polarity with the white 2-wire connector on the module! Finally run the heavy red and black wires to the batter(ies), connect them (a tiny spark/snap during battery hookup is normal!). Test the cars operation while the wheels are off the ground at 75% speed & 3.5 second acceleration, the wheels should slowly rev up to 1.5x factory speed at this setting.


Can I use this kit with brands other than Power Wheels, Peg Perego and Kid Trax?
Yes. You can install the kit on any (non-circuit board) electric ride-on that was 12-24 volts from the factory but the install procedure may be different – please contact us for non Power Wheels/Peg Perego/Kid Trax compatibility questions. Check the photos on this product page for the hookup diagrams for Peg/Kid Trax.

** Not compatible with cars with circuit boards such as any "Best Choice" car, Power Wheels "Smart Drive Mustang"/"Wild Thing"/"Boomerang" or Bravo Sports "Monster Jam 24v Grave Digger" or Peg Perego 24v "Sportsman 800/850 Twin"/"Ranger RZR" (12v 900 RZR is ok) or 24v "Gaucho Super. **Not recommended to be used with the Power Wheels "KFX Quad" since the small factory circuit board used for high/low can be damaged. This OEM part is available for purchase or ideally should be replaced with a DPDT rocker switch.**

 Do I need to upgrade the stock motors/gearboxes?
 The factory gearboxes should be reused, there are no "upgraded" gearboxes worth the investment. The smallest/first gear is the least likely, by far, to fail.

To keep the motors cool we recommend a 3+ second acceleration rate. Motor heatsinks and fans are not effective at cooling brushed motors and if improperly installed can cause overheating! Brushed motor heat is dissipated by the internal fan not the external case so attempting to cool a brushed motor from the outside is like trying to cool a closed oven with a fan. The true solution to cooling down an oven is to turn down the heat! You turn down the heat in brushed motors by reducing the acceleration/amp demand which is what this module resolves like nothing available on the market. There is no other solution that allows you to reduce the acceleration rate which is what makes this unit unique and critical for this application and should be the first step in any modifying project. Please see our Motor & Gearbox Information page for more information.

Can I use a single 12v battery or two in series (24v) with the kit?
 YES. The module can accept 12v, 18-24v battery sources.
Are instructions included with the kit?
We provide written instructions and wiring diagrams (above) as well as support via email.


We 100% guarantee that this kit will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the parts we sell and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us for a return, exchange or other solution. Our success has been a result of customer satisfaction so it is our priority to ensure our customers are happy. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us anytime - we would be happy to hear from you.

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"Easy ESC" Launch Control - 24 Volt Upgrade Kit for Power Wheels, Peg Perego & Kid Trax

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