"Easy ESC" 12v to 24v Kit for "Best Choice" Cars

(sold by "Big Toys Green Country", Amazon and many others)

Doubles Speed & Power
Plug and Play - installs in minutes
Re-uses factory controls for a clean install
Allows adjustment of acceleration rate and speed (from mild to wild)
Re-uses factory motors and gearboxes
Factory radio and LEDs function normally (But No RC Control)

You will also need two 12v batteries (some cars already come with two small AH batteries) or ideally two new fresh 12AH SLA batteries
The factory 12v charger will not charge both batteries so a new 24v charger is required


Plug and Play 24v module that replaces the factory 12v circuit board. The factory circuit board can only accept 12v but this module can accept 24v which will double the factory speed. The new module has two turn dial controls which allow adjustment of the acceleration rate and top speed. The factory controls remain the same (foot pedal and shifter), radio and LEDs will still work  but RC function will no longer work. Works with 2WD and 4WD cars. The performance dials can be adjusted to have the best balance of performance and stability for each car and environment.

This "Easy ESC" Kit

"Other" ESCs

Fail Safe


NO. If the ESC fails the motors will receive full power until the battery is disconnected! The significance of this cannot be overstated


Plug and play, installs in minutes and can be easily and cleanly uninstalled later

Overhaul, new controls

Top Speed and Acceleration Limits

YES - two turn dials for easy on-the-fly adjustments. Mild speed and acceleration settings will prevent the factory motors from failing

No, if controls are abused the motors can fail

Remote stop

Optional remote brake allows the car to be stopped remotely


Battery Drain

No. On-demand power draw, cannot be left on. This can prevent permanent battery damage which can cost $50+ to replace

Yes. Batteries that are completely drained typically need to be replaced.

Shifting While in Motion

Gradual change

Motor direction changes suddenly which can break the gears

Variable Throttle

No. Push the pedal and the car revs up to set speed at set acceleration rate, release the pedal and the softened brake is automatically activated



No Changes. Re-uses factory pedal and shifter for a clean and easy install. Factory accesories parts still function normally (No RC support).

New controls. Bulky pedals can be difficult to install and cramp riders and make controlling the car harder. Factory radio and LEDs are not powered.


Automatic soft brake after releasing throttle pedal

Separate Pedal

Bottom Line

Easy to install, mild settings prevent motor failure, factory radio and LEDs still work. Easy way to increase speed.

No fail safe makes this setup dangerous. Period.


Check with connector your factory circuit board has. There are three 7-pin types and one 5-pin. If you cannot determine which 5 or 7 pin harness your circuit board has please contact us
Determine which capacity battery the car has from the factory and get the same capacity (AH). Some cars already come with two small AH batteries which can be used with the kit but it is ideal to get two new 12AH batteries with the kit.
For example if the car came with (two) 7AH in parallel this is the equivalent of (one) 12v 14AH. You can either separate the batteries you have with the kit which would make a 24v @ 7AH or you can pair the two factory batteries with (one) 12AH to make 24v 12AH. Ideally getting two new 12AH batteries is best whenever possible. 
Determine where the battery will be stored, either within 12" of the factory module & battery or separately (up to 4' away).


Installation takes just a few minutes. Required tools are just a phillips screwdriver/power driver. The steps are: Charge the factory battery with the 12v charger. Unplug the factory circuit board and remove it. Mount the new module in its place (be aware of screws that can protrude through the mounting surface) and connect the new module to the car's harnesses. All connectors are physically unique so it is impossible to make a mistake. Finally connect the battery(ies) and test the car with the wheels off the ground.


(Q) Can I upgrade the factory motors?
NO. Changing the factory motor speed can damage the new motors and ESC. If for example you replace the factory 8,000 rpm motors with 30,000 rpm motors you are quadrupling the theoretical final speed which is like attempting to start your car from a stop in fifth gear and will create a tremendous strain and cause parts to fail. You want to power up (volt up) and gear down or at least gear neutral. Changing the speed without changing the power is the same as simply starting a low powered car in a higher gear. You may gain a little speed but the low end torque is lost and this is very likely to overheat the motors and circuit board/ESC.
(Q) Can I continue to use the factory RC function?
(A) NO. Unfortunately the factory remote control function will be lost.
(Q) Can I use a single 12v battery or two in series (24v) with the kit?
 (A) YES. The module can accept (1) 12v or (2) 12v batteries. Always make sure batteries are individually fully charged before they are paired and once paired always use a charger with a output voltage that matches the total battery voltage! If you have 24v batteries you cannot use a 12v charger.
(Q)Are instructions included with the kit?
 (A) We provide written instructions and provide support via email.


We 100% guarantee that this kit will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the parts we sell and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us for a return, exchange or other solution. Our success has been a result of customer satisfaction so it is our absolute priority to ensure our customers are happy. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.
Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us anytime - we would be happy to hear from you.

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"Easy ESC" Launch Control - 24 Volt Upgrade Kit for "Best Choice" Brand

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