• (1) "High Speed" 1600Kv 775 Motor for Power Wheels
  • 33% faster than any "other" common 775 upgrade motors (~1600 Kv vs ~1200 Kv)
  • 200% more torque than factory Power Wheels 550 motors (400 m-Nm vs 200 m-Nm)
  • Special order high temperature epoxy tolerates overvolting (extremely low failure rate, come with limited warranty)
  • Mounts directly to modern (post ~2010) "7R" Power Wheels gearboxes (no extra adapter/spacer needed)
  • Works with any type of 12v, 18v, 20v and 24v batteries (SLA batteries recommended)
  • Optional addons make the install easier
  • No gimmick addons offered like an adapter plate, heatsinks or fans


Determine which gearbox you have and match the 775 pinion to the gearbox. Modern (post-2010) "7R" Power Wheels gearboxes either come with [15 tooth, 16t or 17t] pinions (aka 15-16-17), [18t, 19t, 20t] pinons (aka 18-19-20) or [21t, 22t, 23t] pinions (aka 21-22-23). Determine how many teeth the factory motor pinion gear has by either inspecting the outside of the gearbox (photo at bottom) and note the mark on the exterior that denotes the internal pinion gear or simply remove the factory motor to see how many teeth the factory pinion has. Always choose the middle number when selecting an aftermarket pinion (for example 16t in a 15-16-17). If you use a different aftermarket pinion (for example 15t or 17t in a 15-16-17) it will effect the pinion tooth engagement with the first gear and can either sheer the teeth off the first gear or melt the inside of the first gear. This is because the factory uses a non-standard gear pitch. If you do not see these numbers on the outside of the gearbox you may have an older pre-2010 #7 gearbox and you should simply match the factory pinon which will either be a 13t, 16t, 19t or 21t and then also select the #7 gearbox mounting spacer. 

Select the required parts: 775 motor, the correct 775 pinion that matches the gearbox and 775 mounting screws. You cannot reuse the smaller factory 550 pinion and 550 mounting screws. If you have older (pre-2010) "#7" gearboxes you must use a spacer when mounting the motors. Newer 7R gearboxes have a motor offset built in so a spacer is no longer required since ~2010.

Select the optional parts: We can install the motor pinion with loctite for free to save you time. Soldered silicone wires with bullet crimp connectors make the install much easier and are highly recommended. The reusable wheel retainers are much easier to install and remove with an hex key compared to the one-time use factory "push nuts" wheel retainer that should be replaced every time the wheels are removed and are difficult to install.  


Price is for (1) 775 motor. Larger 775 size motors are much more powerful, run cooler and have a lower failure rate compared to Power Wheels factory 550 size so they are an excellent and easy upgrade for any Power Wheels. 775 motors mount easily to any modern Power Wheels gearbox with 775 screws (a spacer or "adapter plate" is not required). If you experience a high speed 775 failure while following the recommendations below please reach out for a possible free replacement. You will not find this replacement offer anywhere else because these motors use an exclusive high temperature epoxy which makes them tolerant to overvolting. 

775 motors are physically larger and have a wider mounting pattern than 550 motors, which come in most ride on cars including Power Wheels, so 775 motors can only be used with Power Wheels or Kid Trax gearboxes that have mounting holes for both 550 and 775 motors (photo at bottom). Traditionally almost all 775 motors are ~75% slower compared to the factory 550 motors (almost all 775 motors are 1200 Kv) so the drawback in the past was some loss in speed but these extremely rare high speed 775s are different and will be better in every way since they are faster and 150% more powerful than the factory Power Wheels 550 motors and have an extremely low failure rate compared to the Power Wheels 550s and other aftermarket 775 motors. 

To mount 775 motors to a modern "7R" Power Wheels gearbox (which was introduced ~2010) you only need 775 mounting screws and 775 pinions that match the gearbox (chart below). You DO NOT need mounting adapters/spacers with modern 7R gearboxes since they already have an offset built into the gearbox. If you have the older pre-2010 "#7" Power Wheels gearbox you DO need a mounting spacer.

The optional soldered silicone wire leads with crimp bullet connectors are not required but make the install much easier, put less strain on the motor terminals and are far superior to push on spade connectors that can have a lower current throughput and can easily disconnect while in use. The optional reusable 7/16" wheel retainers replace the factory one-time use "push nut" wheel retainers that hold the wheels on. The Power Wheels Hurricane, Dune Racer and F150 have a 3/4" axle and already come from the factory with a reusable wheel retainer. 

Kv (RPM per volt)
RPM vs "High Speed" 775
Eastcoast PowerUp "High Speed" 775 Motor
~1,600 Kv
Power Wheels Factory 550 Motor
~1,400 Kv
Traxxas Titan 775 Motor
~1,300 Kv
Standard/Common Speed "other" 775 Motor (almost all 775s)
~1,200 Kv

Maximum recommended voltage is 18v without an ESC or 24v with an ESC. Never use in mud, sand or snow. Usage at 24v without an ESC will increase the failure rate of any motor and is not recommended. Usage at 36v even with an ESC will typically result in motor failure and is not recommended. 

Adding rear rubber traction to control wheel spin on startup is a very common mistake that puts a tremendous strain on the motors but especially the gearboxes and increases the risk of a roll over so rear rubber traction is not recommended. An Easy ESC which was designed specifically for this application has an adjustable start up acceleration rate and is the recommended solution to control start up wheel spin without damaging the gearboxes or motors. 

External motor heatsinks and electric fans are ineffective at internally cooling brushed motors, and if installed incorrectly can cause overheating, so these extra cooling parts are absolutely not recommended. Attempting to cool the internals of a brushed motor externally is like trying to cool a closed oven with a fan. The only effective way to reduce internal brushed motor temperature is by reducing motor demand, which occurs mostly during start up, which is exactly what the Easy ESC was designed to do. Motor heatsinks, motor fans and other "metal parts" are all band-aids that do not solve the fundamental problem which is the violent factory instant-on power that stresses the motors, all the gears and the rider. The actual solution to the instant on power problem is an ESC. The best ESC for this application is an Easy ESC which allows you to dial in the acceleration rate which is unlike any other solution available.

Finally, these motors do not require break in before use. 

As long as these recommendations are followed "high speed" 775 motor failure is extremely rare and there have been extremely few motor failures when these recommendations were followed with an Easy ESC. If you experience a high speed 775 motor failure while following these recommendations please reach out for a possible free replacement.

**These are the most common Power Wheels model and motor pinion gear pairings but please always check your gearboxes before ordering** Ultimately the 775 pinion should be paired according to the stamp on the gearbox that denotes if the gearbox came with a 15-16-17, 18-19-20 or 21-22-23 pinion from the factory.

Power Wheels Model

Factory Motor PinionAftermarket Pinion 
F-150, Jeep Hurricane, Dune Racer, Stinger, Escalade, Arctic Cat, 
Beach Ranger Jeep, Power Wheels Silverado, Power Wheels Grave Digger, Eliminator, Brute Force
15,16,or 17T
KFX, Jeep Wrangler and Mustang
18,19,or 20T
C7 Corvettes, Mustangs & Harley Motorcycles
21,22,or 23T

775 size vs 550 (stock):

Motors typically ship within one business day. Once your order has shipped you will receive an automated email from PayPal with the tracking number. If you do not see this email by the end of the second business day please check your junk mail/spam folder.


We 100% guarantee that these motors will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the parts we sell and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us for a return, exchange or other solution. Our success has been a result of customer satisfaction so it is our priority to ensure our customers are happy. Please read the review section for customer testimonials. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us anytime - we would be happy to hear from you.

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(1) "High Speed" 1600Kv 775 Motor for Power Wheels

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