• 775 Motor

Price is for (1) motor. Max voltage is 18v without an ESC, 24v when used with an ESC.

Kv (RPM per volt)
RPM vs Power Wheels Factory 550
Power Wheels Factory 550 Motor
~1,400 Kv
Eastcoast PowerUp High Speed & Very High Speed 775
~1,400 Kv / 1,600 Kv
100% / 115%
ML (which are Traxxas Titan 5675)
~1,300 Kv
18v Banebot (Discontinued)
~1,100 Kv79%

775 motors are physically larger than 550 motors (which come with 95% of all ride on cars). Larger 775 motors can only be used with cars that either come with 775 motors (rare) or with gearboxes that have mounting holes for 775 motors, such as Power Wheels gearboxes.

550 motors run fast but hot, especially at voltages higher than 18v which in some cases can lead to motor meltdown/failure.  775 motors are typically slightly slower in RPM (but not these!) and run much cooler and as a result are much more stable at higher voltages and have a massive increase in power/torque of 200+%. 

To replace Power Wheels factory 550 size motor with 775 size motors, new mounting screws and pinions are also needed. For more motor information please see: https://eastcoastpowerup.com/Motor_and_Gearbox_Information

775 size vs 550 (stock):

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775 Motor

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