• LED Light Kit - Plug and Play

Plug & Play
LED Light Kit

This kit includes a wiring harness which will allow easy hookup for LEDs, a special variable size drill bit and an on/off toggle switch. Compatible with Stock and ESC Cars with any voltage between - 12v, 18v, 24v or 36v.
To add plug-and-play LEDs and Switches which will work with this harness please visit those sections of the store and select the plug-and-play option when adding parts to your cart.

Basic tools for install *Special Variable Drill Bit below IS included*

NO Wire Stripping Tiny Wires
NO Soldering
NO Wire Diagrams
NO Headaches
Just Easy to Connect Terminals

High quality weather resistant wire and terminals
Soldered junctions with weatherproof heat shrink
Easy to install clamp-terminals which tap into factory battery wires without damaging them

This kit includes:
Carefully Hand Built Fuse-Protected Harnesses with Top Quality Weather Resistant Wire and Terminals
Step down to convert 18-36v to 12v
Special Drill Bit
(1) Basic Illuminated Toggle Switch

This kit does NOT include any LEDs.
To add plug-and-play LEDs and Switches please visit those sections of the store and select the plug-and-play option when adding parts to your cart.

Installation Overview:

 Installation typically takes 30-60 minutes, disassembling the car is most of the job.
Tap into battery wires with the included clamp-terminals with pliers (animation above)
Drill holes for lights and switch with included drill bit
Mount lights and switch
Connect lights and switches into the main harness with easy to connect terminals
Secure wires
You're done.

No significant effect on runtime - factory batteries can typically run the basic light set for 6+ hours. The included step down will also reduce or eliminate light dimming during acceleration.


(Q) Can the light set be used with a 6v car? 
(A) Not without adding another 6v battery or a 12v battery. 
(Q)Are instructions included with the kit? 
(A) The kit comes with an install overview video. 
(Q) Does the kit provide functional brake and reverse lights? 
(A) No. For this functionality please see our Plug-and-Play ESC kit.


We 100% guarantee that this kit will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind our parts and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us. It is our priority to ensure our customers are happy. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.

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LED Light Kit - Plug and Play

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