• Power Wheels 7R Gearbox w/o Motor

The First Gear is the LEAST LIKELY to fail.

Replacing it with a metal gear makes about as much sense as putting titanium lugnuts on your truck.

The factory 7R gearboxes are best gearboxes to use.

-If you want to be proactive consider buying spare factory gears or buy an entire spare gearbox to have every gear set on hand (links below).

To Avoid Broken Gears:

-Avoid overloading
-Use an ESC/soft start setup for smooth starts
-Avoid rough and bumpy terrain which cause torque spikes
-Never add rear rubber traction which can also overheat motors and increase the risk of a roll over
-Inspect gearboxes to ensure there is grease on the gear posts especially on the smallest first gear

Sources for factory gears/gearboxes
(we are not affiliated with these companies):

Power Wheels Gearboxes:
http://www.mltoys.com/Power-Wheels-Gearboxes-s/102.htm  http://kidcarsandparts.com/power-wheels/gear-boxes/ 

Power Wheels Gears:

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Power Wheels 7R Gearbox w/o Motor

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