Plug and Play
12v or 24v Adjustable Launch Control
For Power Wheels

Another Video of Testing

First of it's kind, developed by Eastcoast PowerUp
Designed to plug-and-play with Power Wheels
No cutting or crimping required to install.

May also work with other (non-circuit board) cars such as Kid Trax, Peg Perego, Avigo, and more - contact us for compatibility questions. There is a separate listing for the "Best Choice" Chinese brand cars.


This is a easy-to-install 12v or 24v module that piggybacks on the factory harness and adds the ability to use a 12v or 24v battery source (24v will double the speed of 12v cars) with an adjustable tuner settings which will drastically improve the cars performance, rider comfort and allow the acceleration and speed to match the rider and/or environment.

The tuner has two turn dials that allows easy adjustment for both acceleration rate and top speed as well as an optional parental remote brake switch. The factory controls remain the same (pedal throttle, high/low/half-speed reverse).

Ultimately this module puts control in the hands of the supervising adult who can dial in the performance to provide the most comfort and speed while solving the problem these on/off cars have from the factory.


  • Jerky on/off throttle constantly gives riders whiplash, especially young riders
  • Instant-on power spins wheels which wears down and destroys them over time and makes the car slower (cause spinnin' aint winnin')
  • Top speeds which might be too fast for some riders and/or environments, especially young riders
  • A hard brake which locks up the wheels and destroys the wheels over time
  • No remote parental control to stop the car

The factory setup is literally bad for every part in the car (except the wire) and especially at 24v! The on/off throttle leads to massive 100+ amp spikes during start up which reduces runtime and causes the motors to overheat. When the motors are briefly drawing 1,000w each during start up they are outputting several hundred watts in excess heat! This burns the brushes and can much more easily lead to motor failure from heat buildup and resulting internal melt down. The instant power also leads to the wheels breaking traction which grinds them down and leads to fast failure of tires which would then need to be replaced. Wheel spin also makes the car louder and harder to control. Instant on/off power also makes technical/slow driving much harder. Basically, you wouldn't want an on/off throttle in your truck, and neither do they!


The module has two turn knobs which adjust the top speed (0-100% of battery power) and acceleration rate (1-5 seconds). For example if you have a 12v battery and set the speed to 50% you will roughly get the speed of a 6v battery. This puts control into the hands of the supervising adult who can dial in the appropriate settings for the rider and/or environment. This may be a one-time adjustment or it can be changed constantly. For example for older experienced riders turning up the speed to 100% then fine tuning the acceleration (we like 3.5 seconds) and will allow for the wheels to maintain traction which will make the car faster, more comfortable and easier to control than the factory on/off control. For a drifting session, adjust the acceleration rate to 1 second. For younger riders you can turn the speed down to a crawl and set the acceleration rate to eliminate all whiplash and make the experience much more enjoyable and controllable. Finally the optional parental remote brake switch will activate the brake and stop the car while it sounds a constant tone which lets the riders know the supervising adult wants them to stop.


 The solution to the on/off throttle problem has always been the use of an ESC (electric speed controller). The downside to an ESC is it's typically some what involved to add a variable throttle ESC system to a car. This kit is an excellent middle groudn between the extremely bad factory setup and the full featured ESC system and is basically a on/off throttle but with an adjustable soft start and a soft automatic brake. It is super simple to install and offers good but relatively simple control over the car compared to traditional/full ESC systems that have a truly variable throttle and a separate brake pedal but this kit will resolve the major problems that the factory on/off instant power setup creates. Overall this "Easy ESC" setup is extremely easy to install and is good for open areas/cruising while the full ESC kits are a bit more involved to install but will provide much more advanced control for a variety of driving conditions, especially slow/technical terrain.


12v or 24v Adjustable Tuner Module (6x5x2”)
Terminated Hookup Wire
Resettable Fuse
Male Charge Port
Wire Management Parts
Battery Hold Down Parts
Mounting Screws
(Optional) Remote Brake Switch
(Optional) 24v Charger



The most common capacity is 12AH (amp hour) which typically provides about 45m of run time (this can vary widely based on usage). For more run time 18AH provides about 60m of run time. Make sure you have room for the batteries! 12AH batteries are 6x4x4” each and weigh 9 pounds each.18AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each and weigh 12 pounds each.

You can reuse the Power Wheels factory battery but this will require cutting of the factory harness to connect it to the module. If you change the factory motors to 775 size it is possible to trip the internal fuse within the factory battery which will cause the car to periodically stop. To remedy this you will need to turn down the speed/acceleration or purchase after market batteries. The replacement battery must be a "SLA" (sealed lead acid) and not a wet/serviceable (lawn mower) battery which could leak acid. 


First and foremost, the first gear is the least likely gear to fail in the gearbox. As a result, the stock gearboxes are the best option to use. The most common gears to break are the middle gears,  then the largest gear and finally and very rarely the smallest/first gear.

Breaking factory gears is always possible, even with a stock setup, but in our experience the most common reason for broken gears is significant changes in momentum such as a sudden significant changes in terrain, significant ruts or bumps, overloading or adding rear rubber traction. In most cases with average usage, gear breakage is rare. If you do break gears, factory replacements are widely available for relatively inexpensive prices.

The stock motors (550 size) are OK to use in most cases. 775s run cooler than the stock 550s but as long as the stock motors do not see more than average usage they likely will not overheat but this will vary from case to case. A good investment is a temperature sensor or IR temperature gun to monitor the motor temperature. Critical internal temperature is about 160*F so maximum external temperature should not exceed 140*F.


Determine where the parts will go. The module is 6x5x2” and should be stored in a dry area such as under the seat. The battery size depends on the capacity you choose. You can re-use the factory battery as long as you do not make any other changes such as larger 775 motors which will likely trip the batteries internal fuse. The most common capacity 12v replacement battery is 12AH (the factory battery has 9.5AH capacity) but for more run time you could choose 18AH. 12AH batteries are 6x4x4” each, weigh 9 pounds each and last 45 minutes or longer depending on usage. 18AH batteries are 7x3x6.5” each, weigh 12 pounds each and last 60 minutes or longer depending on usage. The type of battery should be SLA (sealed lead acid) not a wet/serviceable battery which can leak acid.


Installation typically takes about 30 minutes. Required tools are a phillips driver and drill (11mm or 7/16" for the breaker, 16mm or 5/8" for charge port). Recommended tools are a crimper/stripper to custom cut and crimp the 4 install wires (but leaving the wires as they ship and coiling any loose wire is ok), long phillips driver and a flat head driver for car disassembly. The steps in short are: disconnect the battery, mount the module and leave the screw terminals accessible. Disassemble the factory throttle assembly to expose the harness below the pedal and disconnect it from the pedal. Run the red and orange wires to the throttle and connect them to the harness and match the wire colors. Run the red and black wires to the throttle and connect them to the middle and the terminal furthest from the middle terminal (this is critical, if the center and closer terminal are used the car will be turned on when the pedal is not pressed). Run the red and black wires to the batter(ies) and connect the fuse. Drill a hole for the charge port and connect it to the module. Finally connect the batteries and test the car with the wheels off the ground.


(Q) Can I use this kit with a brand other than Power Wheels?
 (A) Yes. You can install the kit on any (non circuit board) electric ride-on that was 12-24 volts from the factory but the install procedure may be different – please contact us for non Power Wheels compatibility questions.
 (Q) Do I need to upgrade the stock motors/gearboxes?
 (A) The factory gearboxes should be reused. The middle and largest gears are the most likely to fail and the smallest/first gear is the least likely by far to fail. Please see our Motor & Gearbox Information page for more information.
(Q) Can I use a single 12v battery or two in series (24v) with the kit?
 (A) YES. The module can accept 12v or 24v battery sources.
 (Q)Are instructions included with the kit?
 (A) We provide written instructions and wiring diagrams (above) as well as provide support via email.


We 100% guarantee that this kit will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the parts we sell and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us for a return, exchange or other solution. Our success has been a result of customer satisfaction so it is our priority to ensure our customers are happy. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us anytime - we would be happy to hear from you.

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"Easy ESC"- 12v or 24v Launch Control for Power Wheels

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